GBTV’s Massive Voter Registration Drive

George Soros is registered twice in New York?

Tiffany Gabbay
The Blaze

On Tuesday evening, Glenn Beck delivered some very sobering voter registration statistics. Did you know that  33 million — or, 14% of Americans of voting age — believe they are registered to vote but are not? As part of phase two of his new four-part plan to take back America, Glenn Beck and GBTV launched a massive voter registration drive Tuesday evening — and the results are already significant.

To refresh, Beck instructed viewers to a useful tool on the WallBuilders website, which allows users to verify whether they are in fact registered to vote.

Shortly after Beck’s broadcast Tuesday evening, more than 35,000 people had already used the voter registration tool and during the program, the number of searches on the WallBuilders site were being conducted at the rate of 50 per second. Numbers like these provide substantial evidence of how powerful a reach one can have in getting out the vote. And that is what Beck hopes to achieve: turn the 2012 election into a clear mandate, both to Washington, and to progressives…

The article, with video, continues at The Blaze.

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Despite their patriotism, knowledge of politics and reverence for the Constitution, nearly half of a group of 41,000 donors to a GOP candidate were reportedly not registered to vote. Likewise, similar statistics are reportedly plaguing other right-leaning organizations, which are seeing at least 20-30% of their membership registered to vote. This election season, Glenn Beck thinks statistics like these are doubly frightening, as if they would likely ensure Barack Obama’s reelection.

Currently, some 33 million — or, 14% of Americans of voting age — believe they are registered to vote but are not. Beck outline how critical this point is by explaining that the during the 2000 election, George W. Bush won by a mere 537 votes — or 0.009% — in Florida. In New Mexico, the disparity was even narrower with only 363 votes. Beck then invoked John F. Kennedy’s 0.16% victory over Richard Nixon.

The message from Beck to viewers was clear: Register to vote. In other words, “activate.”…


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