Glenn Beck Revisits the Ample Evidence Against FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd

Seton Motley
January 4, 2010

Fox News Channel and radio talk show host Glenn Beck has quickly risen to be one the most prominent targets of the Left. Radio Talk King Rush Limbaugh is Liberal Enemy #1; there’s a strong case to be made that Beck is now running second.

One of the myriad feeble way’s the Left attempts to deal with Beck -or any conservative – is to dismiss him or her as a liar, without any facts to back up said claim and often in the face of overwhelming evidence provided by the conservative in question.

Beck is spending this week on his FNC show revisiting the copious reams of evidence he compiled over the course of the last year – as he laid waste to one liberal nostrum and public official (Czar, if you will) after another.

And who did Beck choose to have bat lead off in his “Let’s Hammer Home the Truth” week?

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