High crimes and treason?

Over at HillBuzz.com, where the “Boyz” are also from Chicago, there’s a thoughtful post this morning about the culture of corruption in the current Administration and the Congress versus the validity of the U.S. Constitution. We believe this article is well worth your time:

…We wonder if the President of the United States can ever legally be arrested for a crime.

We believe the current administration has already committed several instances of an arrestable offense: the attempted bribing, for political reasons, of various individuals using federal jobs as said bribes. This happened on at least two occasions: Joe Sestak, who the White House tried to bribe with the Secretary of the Navy position to stay out of Arlen Specter’s Senate race, and Andrew Romanoff, who the White House tried to bribe with a job in the Interior Department so he would stay out of the Colorado Senate race.

Someone in the White House, possibly Rahm Emanuel and/or David Axelrod, should do jail time for that.

But, we don’t think the chain of culpability on the bribes will ever lead right up to Dr. Utopia, the illustrious current president, himself.

We do, however, wonder if Dr. Utopia can be arrested for signing a document he knows to be fraudulent and unconstitutional, thus committing a crime against the Constitution and breaking the oath he took on January 20th, 2009 at twelve noon.

The Constitution clearly states a bill must be passed, identically, in the House and the Senate before it can be sent to the White House to be signed. The President of the United States, thus, cannot sign any bill that has not been passed by BOTH the House and the Senate. Should a bill come before him that he knows has not been passed by both Houses, the President of the United States cannot sign that bill into law.

But, what happens if he does?

What happens if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid just skip voting on the Healthcare Rationing bill in the House, and send the bill the Senate passed on Christmas Eve, in the dead of night, largely in secret, directly to the White House and Dr. Utopia signs it?

How many people will have committed high crimes and treason in this instance?

Deliberately, all involved would have knowingly usurped the Constitution of the United States by disregarding the bicameral nature of our government…

We urge you to visit HillBuzz.com to read the rest.

See also Michelle Malkin’s “Constitution Butchers: Stop Pelosi’s Slaughter House.”

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