How FDR made my generation lazy and entitled

Celia Bigelow
Senior, Hillsdale College
The Daily Caller

As young people head home for the holidays, they’re bracing for unsolicited advice and stories from their elders about how life used to require hard work and how young generations have an entitlement mentality.

It’s time my generation listens up, though ironically it was our grandparents’ generation that generated that sense of entitlement…

…America has a culture problem, and I think the cause of that problem is Big Government. Entitlement programs have taken away the sense of personal responsibility that Americans used to have. Now, Americans don’t worry about the future because they think that the government has their backs. Americans have lost the ability to govern themselves.

It’s difficult to teach the masses how to govern themselves when they have grown up in a society that fosters a sense of entitlement. It’s even more difficult to teach self-government when Big Government continues to turn Americans against one another: the poor and the middle class against the big, bad rich folks.

Class warfare is contrary to our nation’s founding principles. America was founded as a nation of self-government, a nation that acknowledged that man has natural rights endowed by his Creator: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Founders formed a limited government to protect these rights.

Then came Franklin Delano Roosevelt…

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