How should we grill terrorist suspects?

Binyam Mohamed torture case: How should we grill terrorists – with a cuddle and a cup of tea?

Richard Littlejohn
Daily Mail [UK]
12 February 2010

Maybe I’m in a minority of one here, but I still don’t understand the fuss over Binyam Mohamed.

He has become the poster boy for all those who want to undermine our security services and destroy our special relationship with the United States.

Why did the Government go to such lengths to secure his release from Guantanamo Bay and then charter a private jet to fly him ‘home’ to Britain?

For the umpteenth time, he’s not British. He’s not even a British ‘resident’.

He is an Ethiopian national who lived here for a few years before choosing to move to Afghanistan, where he is said to have attended an Alky Ada training camp.

At the time of his arrest, he was attempting to board a plane in Pakistan using a forged passport.

Frankly, he is not our responsibility. We owe him nothing. Why would anyone in their right mind want him back?

British intelligence officers are accused of colluding in his alleged torture on the basis of supplying a few pertinent questions to his interrogators about what he got up to while he was living here.

That’s their job, for heaven’s sake. They would be failing in their duty if they didn’t make every attempt to glean information from suspected terrorists who want to do us harm.

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