Incendiary Insight: ‘Capitalism– the Hated Enemy of the Children of the West’

Glenn Reynolds

…Capitalism: The Hated Enemy Of The Children Of The West. “Capitalism is the best economic engine for creating wealth and prosperity that has ever been developed. The West once was capitalist, but today it is a corporatist juggernaut in it’s death throes, whereby corporations and banks control the government in their favor, inevitably leading to corruption and decline. This is not capitalism. . . . The Occupiers in, at last count, 147 cities nationwide, protest a system that has been overtaken by corporations that are already in bed with the government anyway. If they have a problem with wealth, they should aim their frustrations at a government that sucked away trillions in tax-payer money for sinfully corrupt banks. Capitalism is not the enemy here, excessive government control and regulations is.”

No, and our problems stem from too much corporatism, not too much capitalism. There’s nothing “capitalist” about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and TARP. Or Goldman, Sachs for that matter . . . .

H/T American Power

At this moment, I’m sitting in my home and watching television. Typing this I’m using a Dell XPS laptop. Outside, I can see my swimming pool with moonlight reflecting off its shimmering surface. If you are reading this, you’re also using a computer. The air conditioning turned on, and my refrigerator is running. Tomorrow, I’ll shower, get in my car, and go to work. I’ll head home around 5, exercise, and watch a movie with the family.

If I were living in any non-Western country, I would not have a laptop, a television, a refrigerator, air conditioning, or a car. If I did have any of those, they’d be in shockingly poor shape and probably break by year’s end. I’d earn a paltry sum that could barely keep my family from starving. I’d not even have a ‘social safety net’ because so little of the country has wealth to give anyway…

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