Instapundit is 10 years old

Making even the dumbest sh** interesting! — Oxblog


Congratulations… and thanks for all the inspiration for so many years.

ADDED: He did a poll on how he should celebrate the 10-year anniversary, and “just blog as usual” — which is what I voted for — came in third, but it’s what he’s decided to do. I don’t know if it’s that he’s not as poll-driven as some people, or if it’s what in particular came in first and second: “Drink heavily” and “Do a ‘Best Of InstaPundit’ retrospective.” Drink heavily would only be interesting for us readers if he drunk-blogged, but I’ll bet he’d blog just about exactly the same drunk. I’m not picturing him diminished by mere alcohol. A “best of” thing would be interesting if it could be done, but it’s probably something he’d have trouble doing. Maybe we could do it here? What’s your favorite Instapundit post? Too hard, right?

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SO TODAY IS THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF INSTAPUNDIT: See the first week of posts here. I’ve decided to observe it by just blogging as usual!

Posted at 11:57 am by Glenn Reynolds 

CAJ congratulates Professor Reynolds and is grateful for ten years of Instapundit!


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