It’s Just a Jump to the Right






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…”Aren’t there Black police officers these days? Why do people like Coleman continue to report as if there aren’t Black cops? And how exactly is that White people’s issue? More importantly, this just sound like another convenient excuse for a segment of our society that just will not, under any circumstance, look in the mirror and/or take any sort of responsibility for its never-ending, all-consuming, disabling predicaments. Why are Blacks so friggin’ unable, in general, to do any sort of self-inventory? It is really frustrating to be the Boogey Man when we are helpless to assist. All we can do is watch our brother and sisters who happen to be Black continue to spiral. What we want to say to them is: you clearly don’t want or need help from outside your community. But all you do is complain about your station, in general. And worse, you don’t do anything at all, in general, to solve for it. In fact, you deny it has anything to do with your community and what has happened to it over the course of the last 50 years. You project, complain, and still refuse to take account of your own missteps. And you certainly do not seem interested in doing anything positive to fix what is going on in your Community.”…


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House Dem Eleanor Holmes Norton: Abortion Is A “Constitutional Right”…

Right on time.


UpdateCongrats, Democrats: you are now the Kermit Gosnell Party!

And Wendy Davis, State Senator from Fort Worth, is your official emblem:  a shrieking, self-righteous ass who fought heroically for the “rights” of icy-veined women and their specialized doctors to choose to murder 20-week — that’s 5+ months of the generally required 9, for those keeping tabs – babies…



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