It’s Their Tea Party and I’ll Crash If I Want To

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

New Year, same plans to crash Tea Parties in order to create a pretext for the non-stop Democratic smear machine which seeks to paint all opposition to Obama’s agenda as racist and extremist.

We saw this last April, as I documented in my post When Fascism Comes To America, It Will Look Like Tea Party Crashers.

Now it’s activist Jason Levin, and even AP is reporting on it:

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) – Opponents of the fiscally conservative tea party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic and moronic.

Jason Levin, creator of, said Monday the group has 65 leaders in major cities across the country who are trying to recruit members to infiltrate tea party events for April 15—tax filing day, when tea party groups across the country are planning to gather and protest high taxes….

“Do I think every member of the tea party is a homophobe, racist or a moron? No, absolutely not,” Levin said. “Do I think most of them are homophobes, racists or morons? Absolutely.”

Bob Owens at Pajamas Media has more background on the person behind the effort:

When contacted by Pajamas Media, Levin confirmed his involvement in the effort, stating, “Our stated intentions, or ‘manifesto’ as some of the conservative bloggers have called it is absolutely sincere.” He claimed to have operatives in tea party groups in every major city.

What are the doughboys afraid of?

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