Jarrett: Take it from me, Holder is going to stay in his position for ‘quite a while’

Erika Johnsen
Hot Air

‘Cause you Can’t. Touch. This.



…Jarrett is never out of step with President Obama, of course, and the White House is maintaining their calm, above-the-fray, mistakes-were-made-but-there’s-no-there-there demeanor amongst the onslaught of Scandalmania, which got even worse today with the revelation that the NSA is gathering millions of Americans’ phone records. Interesting, though, that it sounds like Jarrett is sometimes Eric Holder’s champion inside the inner ranks as well, as the New York Times suggested last weekend…

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Congress hasn’t subpoenaed Holder yet, but Gohmert says if Holder refuses to come before Congress voluntarily and explain why he lied about investigating journalists, and then ignores a subpoena to do the same, then Gohmert says Congress should defund the DOJ until it gets justice. And by ‘justice’ he means a DOJ that cares as much about radical Islamic terrorists as they do about going after journalists like James Rosen…



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