Jesse Jackson, Jr. opens mouth, inserts foot

“Phineas Fahrquar”
Public Secrets

First it was Congressman Dingell (D-Jurassic Age) committing the Kinsleyan gaffe of accidentally telling the truth, now it’s Illinois’ Jesse Jackson, Jr., who admitted on the radio that the passage of ObamaCare will mean cuts to other social programs:

Let me be clear: There’s probably going to have to be a significant reform of other social programs as the Federal Government assumes more responsibility for health care for the nation’s people, there are other social programs that are probably going to undermine some elements of social cohesion, there’s no doubt about that.

You can bet that “reform,” in this case,” means “cuts.” Just as will now happen to Medicare. Otherwise, how could they “undermine social cohesion?” You can translate that last as “people who will be damned angry when their benefits get cut to pay for this fiasco.”

I wonder who the next “progressive” will be to inadvertently speak truth to the real power, the People? And no fair guessing Biden; he’s a given.

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