Jimmy Carter: Abuse of Women Including Genital Mutilation is the Fault of Catholics & Southern Baptists

[Are we at CAJ the only ones who think Jimmy is sounding more and more like his crazy old mother, “Miss Lillian”? The last we knew the official Catholic and Southern Baptist stance was ANTI-abortion…We anticipate the former President’s conversion to Islam any day now…]

Jim Hoft
December 12, 2009

America’s worst president attacked Catholics and Southern Baptists for the abuse of women in a speech he gave in Australia.

He even blamed these traditional religious groups for female genital mutilation.

Lifesite News reported:

In an address to a gathering sponsored by the World Parliament of Religions (PWR) last Friday, former US President Jimmy Carter has once again blamed traditional religion, particularly Southern Baptists and Roman Catholics, for “creating an environment where violations against women are justified.”…

…Carter singled out the Southern Baptist Convention and Roman Catholic Church, claiming that they “view that the Almighty considers women to be inferior to men.” However, both Christian faiths hold to the Scriptural truth that God created men and women equal.

“Their continuing choice provides a foundation or justification for much of the pervasive persecution and abuse of women throughout the world,” said Carter. Carter goes on to list horrific violations against women such as rape, genital mutilation, abortion of female embryos and spousal battery…

Last I checked it was the Muslims who performed female genital mutilation.

But, Jimmy Carter would never have the guts to single out Muslims like that.

Read the whole thing here.

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