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…“The Justina Pellitier case represents a troubling and disturbing trend of government officials usurping the rights of parents and disregarding their unique and special role in raising their children,” Rev. Mahoney, who organized events to support Terri Schiavo in Florida up until 2005, said in a statement ahead of the decision. “We call upon the State of Massachusetts to immediately return Justina into the loving arms of her parents so the healing process can move forward. We also call upon the faith community and people of good will across the nation to work tirelessly and passionately until this family is reunited.”

Staver told TheBlaze that while the “whole day was shocking,” the judge set dates for two new hearings. The first will take place March 17 to address the care and custody of Justina Pelletier further, while one on March 24 will hear the case on Lou Pelletier’s alleged gag order violation. Starver plans to address whether the gag order was constitutional in the first place as well.

Though Justina will be in a non-medical facility for the time being, Starver said she will be getting some medical treatment, though he did not specify what it would entail.

Even with this latest decision, Staver said the family has hope.

“The hope is that soon custody and care will be put back with parents,” he said. “Yes, there’s still hope. They’re just kind of at their wits end.”



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Update:   Justina Goes To Foster Care, Her Mom Is Rushed To Hospital–Pelletiers Still Denied Custody

Not a good day in Boston for the Pelletier family or for parental rights. –Michael Graham



…Have Justina’s parents committed a crime? Have they been charged with child abuse? No. No, because taking one doctor’s advice over another is NOT child abuse. This is where we are in America, everyone. Are you paying attention? Are you as angry as you ought to be? You can have your children removed from your home EVEN IF YOU HAVEN’T COMMITTED A CRIME.

And we call this freedom? We call this a free country?

What a joke. You are not free. You are not free as long as government bureaucrats have the power to obliterate your parental rights simply because they personally don’t approve of the choices you’ve made.

This reminds me of a case in Sacramento last year. A 5-month-old baby was stolen right out of his mother’s arms because she had the audacity to check him out of the hospital, after deciding that she didn’t like the way they were treating her baby. The hospital called the cops, the cops showed up alongside some CPS officials, grabbed her baby and drove away. They wouldn’t tell her why; they wouldn’t even tell her where they were taking him.

“I’m going to grab your baby. Don’t resist and don’t fight me.” That’s what the police officer said to the helpless, scared mother, before prying her child from her arms.

Eventually, her son was returned to her. As far as I know, nobody was ever held responsible for this grave injustice.

Nobody ever is…


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