Key Socialist Fears ‘White Working Class’ Could Defeat Obama

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Prominent election expert Ruy Teixeira, a Senior Fellow at the George Soros funded Center for American Progress Action Fund, fears that America’s “White Working Class” could sink President Barack Obama in the 2012 elections.

Teixeira was an identified member of the US’s largest Marxist group Democratic Socialists of America in the early 1980s, the time Obama himself began his long and ongoing association with that organization.

Writing in the leftist The New Republic Teixeira opines;

There will be a lot of white working class voters showing up at the polls next November, and the degree to which they support (or abandon) President Obama could very well make or break his reelection…

In 2008, during his otherwise-solid election victory, Obama lost the white working class vote by 18 points. In 2010, however, things got much worse: Congressional Democrats’ experienced a catastrophic 30 point deficit among the same group. While the first number is a figure Obama could live with repeating, the second could very well prove fatal.

Indeed, if Republicans can replicate that 30 point deficit in 2012—a margin which seems increasingly possible given the recent bad news about the economy—Obama will have little to no room for error among his other constituencies…. In such a scenario, Obama would have to hold essentially all of his white college graduate support from 2008 (47 percent, a historic high for Democrats) to be assured of victory.

These tactics are likely to pay big dividends both nationally and, even more importantly, in the states where the election is actually decided. Consider the case of Ohio, a state the GOP must take back to take down Obama. White working class voters could end up representing as much as 56 percent of Ohio voters in 2012, judging from Census voter supplement data. Anything close to a 30 point deficit in 2012 will almost definitely sink Obama in this state, no matter what happens with the friendlier portions of the Ohio electorate….

…America’s “working class” does not reject Obama’s socialist values because they are suffering economically (though they are), or because they have less “confidence” than “college educated whites”.

American working people, of all colors reject Obama’s values, simply because they are the main reservoir of real American values

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