Krauthammer on Media Matters: ‘Be nasty as you want — don’t ask for a government subsidy’

Jeff Poor
The Daily Caller

Over the past few months, the antics of liberal advocacy group Media Matters have been chronicled and in some cases have received accolades from the media.

One such report was a March 22 story by The Washington Post on the organization’s boot camp for wonks. But does Media Matters’ political involvement violate the terms for its tax-exempt status?

Baier posed the question to the panel on Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel. Media Matters has been engaged in a war on Baier’s network. And according to Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, it’s clear that the organization isn’t a “charitable or educational organization” as it is described, but rather a political group.

“Well, it’s obviously is not [a charitable or educational organization,” Krauthammer said. “But is it still within the interpretation of the law? So on the legality of this, I think the strongest argument against them, against Media Matters is that as we heard in the James Rosen report, 12 years ago the IRS ruled that a Republican-run academy to train people to be pundits and speak against the Democrats on the air was ruled non-charitable, and thus not eligible for any charitable exertions.”

The article continues, with video, at The Daily Caller.

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