Left-Wing Filmmakers Caught on Tape Harassing Koch Brothers

John Nolte
Big Hollywood

As a human being and an American, Michael Moore is excrement. But (although his creative powers appear to be on the wane) as a filmmaker his talent and place in film history can’t be denied. Moore not only single-handedly revitalized the political documentary as a genre, but he’s frequently ahead of the political curve and part of what drives our national debate. Robert Greenwald, on the other hand, is a talentless, failed, lying hack who makes unwatchable left-wing documentaries that make almost no money.

What’s most pathetic about Greenwald is that he’s almost always behind the curve. His “documentaries” attacking Fox News and Wal-Mart were also-rans in the left’s war against both and now he’s late to the game in left’s bizarre and flailing war against the dreaded Koch Brothers.

What Greenwald is doing here is what a lot of bad, left-wing filmmakers do and that’s create what I call a “loss leader.” Greenwald, and whoever might be dumb enough to finance him (once upon a time it was America’s arch-villain George Soros), know that their film has absolutely no chance of making any real money in theatres but might have a chance of picking up some steam from a willingly corrupt mainstream media.

Thus, in order to get the MSM to cover an issue they want covered, a loss leader of a film is produced that gives the media an excuse to build a narrative around whatever the subject of the film is. You’d be amazed at how many documentary films you hear about in the news that make no money. But it’s not about making money, it’s about creating a product that might infect our news media. For a few hundred thousand dollars, a filmmaker has a chance of creating a two or three day news narrative, and if you think about it, that’s not a bad investment.

It’s not hard to guess how Greenwald’s two year-late propaganda attack against the Koch Brothers will do in theatres. The real question is how it will do in the news media.  It’s picking up a little steam, but Koch Facts has done a marvelous (and entertaining) job of exposing more than one unforced error on Greenwald’s part…

The article continues, with the videos, at Big Hollywood.

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