Liberals protest $100 million donation to hospital because…

David Koch gave the money

Robby Soave
The Daily Caller

Hatred for Charles and David Koch is now so pervasive among the far-left that unions are actually protesting a hospital that committed the cardinal sin of accepting a $100 million donation from the infamous billionaires–even though the money will likely create jobs for unionized employees of the hospital.

The donation, made by businessman and philanthropist David Koch, is the largest in the New York-Presbyterian Hospital’s history, and will be used to build a new wing at the facility, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

The Free Beacon’s Andrew Stiles pointed out that the donation “will presumably create a fair number of new nursing jobs.”

That made little difference to the New York State Nurses’ Association, who joined the SEIU and the NAACP in protesting both outside the hospital and outside David Koch’s apartment . Union protesters argued that the money should be returned–even if it helps unionized workers–because, well, it’s Koch money…


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Whether Harry Reid likes it or not, the Koch Brothers have the right of free speech, and the right to support any candidate or cause they want. It just yanks his chain that the Koch Brothers are Conservatives, and are not afraid to support what they believe in…

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In a speech about getting aid money to Ukraine, Ted Cruz hit back at Harry Reid on the Senate floor a few moments ago for Reid’s attack on the Koch brothers today, noting the Koch brothers don’t have the privilege to come to the Senate and defend themselves. So Cruz defended them, telling Reid it’s not his place to attack private citizens. He also noted the hypocrisy of Reid, attacking the Koch brothers while not mentioning the billionaire who has pledged to give money to Democrats to get Climate Change laws passed.


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