Matt Lauer Suggests Arming al Qaeda Shows American “Compassion” For All

Compassion for al Qaeda?
~Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Rhonda Robinson
NewsReal Blog

Have you ever considered just how empty some of our parental directives actually are? With phrases like, “Words can never hurt you” or “Just ignore him, and he’ll leave you alone.” With a straight face, we give our hand-me-down wisdom with little thought to what we are saying– as the kid stares at us in utter disbelief. Even a child knows that’s a suicidal playground strategy.

In the grown up world, words can get you beheaded, and sharing can get you shot with your own gun. Nonetheless, in a jaw dropping display of leftist moral superiority (not to mention military ignorance) Matt Lauer, co-host of MSNBC’s TODAY, put a human face on the phrase “useful idiot” as he expounded on foreign policy.

It started out looking like your average fishing expedition into Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential aspirations, when Lauer started a game of “If you were president, what would you do?” He baited his hook for the Minnesota representative, with Muammar Gaddafi’s emotionally charged threat that troops were on the way, and would show no mercy. They would “find them in their closets.”

Lauer, was obviously expecting Bachmann to take the bait and create a new media feeding frenzy around a tasty sound bite. Instead, he tangled himself up in his own line.

But you really have to hear it for yourself.

The article, with video of the exchange, is at NewsReal Blog

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