McCain, Graham tell companies to ignore White House on layoff notices

Susan Crabtree
The Washington Times

Two key Republican senators ratcheted up the pressure on defense industry companies to ignore advice from the Obama administration and the Pentagon encouraging them not to issue layoff notices associated with pending defense cuts before the election.

In a letter sent to 15 defense contractors Friday, Arizona Sen. John McCain and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said failing to comply with federal law requiring notices to go out to employees 60 days before possible layoffs could leave the companies open to “serious legal and financial repercussions.”

The senators, both prominent members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, also put the companies on notice that they plan to block any effort by the Obama administration to reimburse companies for any legal costs incurred because of failing to send out the notices.

“We will oppose any requested funding increase in the budget process, any programming action…or the use of any program funds to reimburse contractors for any expenses resulting from failure to comply with the law,” they wrote…

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