Mission: Destroy Palin

August 9, 2009
by Michael van der Gallen

Alaska bloggers talk rather openly about it. A year ago, they decided to come together, one of them threw a party, and they agreed to join forces so as to ruin Governor Sarah Palin’s reputation.

Their goal: create (not report) controversies.

Sadly, the media fell for it. They reported every single thing these Alaskan bloggers wrote as truth. The bloggers may have been leftists, radical, Palin-haters but who cares? The media had new controversies to work with, so they jumped on it pretending it to be at least credible (when it was clearly not).

The fact that CNN and other major news organizations reported on these fake controversies and took these hateful bloggers serious says a lot about the state of the media. They don’t care about right or wrong, truth or fiction; as long as they can destroy a popular conservative politician.

And that’s something all those who consider themselves conservatives have to speak out against. Whether they personally believe Palin is presidential material or not.

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