Netanyahu crushes Danon to retain Likud chairmanship; Erdan takes No. 2 slot

Gil Hoffman
The Jerusalem Post

…On Monday night, the Likud is planning a major political event with Netanyahu and the party’s candidates in which the party’s strategy for the general election will be revealed. Likud officials promise a dramatic announcement at the event, but would not elaborate.

In the race for Likud leader, Netanyahu garnered 75 percent of the vote. His only competitor, Danon, won 19%, and 6% abstained. Feiglin dropped out of that race…



The complete article is at The Jerusalem Post.



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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been voted in as head of the right-wing Likud party, overcoming his first hurdle toward winning a fourth term in office in a March general election, results of a party primary published on Thursday showed.

Israeli opinion polls put Likud slightly behind left-of-center Labor, giving the parliamentary contest a taste of unpredictability, but surveys still give Netanyahu the largest number of potential allies with whom to form a governing coalition, making his re-election seem more likely, for now…



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