‘No one is prepared for what’s coming’

The Blaze‘s Buck Sexton Calls in From Tahrir Square

Erica Ritz
The Blaze

TheBlaze’s national security expert Buck Sexton has been on a “fact-finding” mission in the Middle East all week, traveling everywhere from Syrian refugee camps to Egypt’s famed Tahrir Square.

Calling in to the Glenn Beck radio program from Cairo on Friday, Sexton said “no one is prepared for what’s coming” in the region.

“There are so many more refugees, so much more violence,” he said. “This thing [in Syria] is far from over, and the notion that we could end it even if we wanted to is kind of a fantasy.”

“The level of violence and viciousness and evil that is going on in [the Syrian] conflict is well beyond what I think most people understand,” he continued. “The viciousness is impossible to overstate.”

Sexton added that in Egypt, meanwhile, people have begun to blame America for their many woes. In fact, some have even begun throwing rocks at people who even look “western.”…

The article continues, with video of the interview, at The Blaze.


Update: Senators move to defund Obama’s Syrian intervention

A bipartisan group of senators, including Republicans Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Tom Udall, plus Democrat Chris Murphy – has introduced a bill to cut off Defense Department and intelligence agency funding for operations in Syria.  Humanitarian aid would not be affected.  This would effectively checkmate President Obama’s plan to arm the Syrian rebels…


Update 2:   A group of Ft. Hood soldiers are preparing for their deployment to Egypt with riot training on post.




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