Obama: I’m the fourth best president in American history

Darlene Glick
Protein Wisdom

Imagine, this clip got left on CBS’s editing room floor.

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UpdateScintillating Chutzpah: Obama at Reform Judaism’s Confab

…First, while pledging total fealty to Israel’s security needs, Obama – as he often does – proceeded to burnish his own image more than anyone else’s.  It always comes down to Obama.

In a display of scintillating chutzpah, after bidding everybody “Shabbat Shalom,” Obama linked himself to the biblical Joseph — the chief character in this week’s Torah portion.  When Joseph’s father Jacob told him to join his brothers in their pasturelands, Obama pointed out, Joseph stepped forward and obediently said one word,  “Hineni” – ” Here I am.”

And, with his own spin on this week’s biblical liturgy, Obama went on to note that “Hineni” was also the response of Abraham to God in the binding of Isaac, and of Moses when summoned by God from the burning bush.

At that point in his speech, you knew what was coming next:  Obama assured his audience that he also was ready to declare “Hineni”  in responding to Israel’s struggles and other parts of his agenda.  Quite an oratorical feat to put oneself in the same company as Joseph, Abraham and Moses.  But Obama never opts for a bit of humility…

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