Obama touts ‘MYUSA’ plan to make government more like Google

Wynton Hall
Big Government
8 Jul 2013

President Barack Obama announced Monday that he will bring more Silicon Valley tech experts into his White House to help devise a new government system called MyUSA to deliver “a smarter, more innovative and accountable government.”

MyUSA will, among other things, auto-fill citizens’ personal information on government forms and provide real-time tracking of benefits.

Obama’s initiative carries echoes of Vice President Al Gore’s 1993 “reinventing government” plan that purportedly applied private sector solutions to public sector problems.

Whether Obama’s attempt to reboot public perceptions about his Administration’s bureaucratic failures and inefficiencies will succeed now five years into his presidency remains to be seen.

Furthermore, in the wake of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandals, it remains unclear whether Americans will enthusiastically support Obama’s decision to bring more Silicon Valley gurus into his White House like those used to develop the NSA’s controversial PRISM system…


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