Obamacare is NOT Hurricane Katrina


It’s not like me to lift in toto from somewhere else, but from time to time someone really nails it. In referencing how Obamacare is not Hurricane Katrina, in his weekly newsletter (to which if you’re not subscribing, you should), National Review’s Jonah Goldberg has this to say:

The New York Times today compares the Obamacare debacle to Bush’s problems with Katrina. It’s a comparison I’ve made several times myself. But the obvious difference is that George W. Bush didn’t spend years forcing the Affordable Hurricane Act on the American people. And he didn’t have three 100 mg soft viagra years to plan for its arrival, either. Nor did he have a national press corps desperate to minimize the downside of the storm. Unless you’re Louis Farrakhan or Spike Lee, nobody entertains the idea that flooding New Orleans has been a goal of conservatism for decades. Oh and conservatives didn’t go around saying that they had completely and totally mastered all of the nuances of meteorology and climate. And — wait — I should also mention that Republicans never said that any criticism of their Affordable Hurricane Act was racist and extremist. Aha! I almost forgot. Bush didn’t promise every single living American: “You can keep your current weather if you like it. Period.”

But other than that, I guess the comparison is spot on.


Nicely put, Jonah.


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…Bush was at least instrumental in leading the rebuilding effort after Katrina; the jury is out on ObamaCare.

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