Obama’s EPA Brazenly Attacks Wyoming Citizen Andy Johnson

Richard C. Young

Welder Andy Johnson and his wife have built a natural fishpond on their property for their Wyoming family. Now the statist regulators of Obama’s EPA are threatening citizen Johnson with $75,000/day in fines, saying Andy is not in compliance with federal laws governing, I presume, family fishponds on private land. (Andy’s pond is not on federal land.) Wyoming senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, along with Louisiana Senator David Vitter, are hot on the case in defense of the fishpond-building Johnsons. What kind of draconian federal laws have Americans allowed to pass that would place a $75,000/day fine on a Wyoming pond-building family? Hopefully the entire state of Wyoming will rise up in support of the Johnsons against Obama’s intrusive EPA.

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