Obama’s Treasury Dept. Trying to Chill Anti-Mullah Group here in America

Ed Lasky
American Thinker

Guy Taylor of the Washington Times reports that Barack Obama’s Treasury Department is investigating former Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell over fees he received for speaking up on behalf of the Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) group.  This is a group that is composed of opponents of the Iranian regime.  This group’s supporters in Iran have reportedly provided much of the information that has flowed to the West regarding Iran’s nuclear program.  These supporters are also rumored to have been busy — at the risk of their own lives — in sabotaging that nuclear program.

The paper reports:

The Treasury Department’s counterterrorism arm is investigating speaking fees paid to a long-time Democratic Party leader who is among the most vocal advocates of an Iranian opposition group designated as a terrorist group by the State Department…

…The MEK, also known as the People’s Mujahedin of Iran, has long called for the overthrow of the Islamic theocracy in Tehran. The group, which engaged in terror attacks on Iranian government targets in the 1980s, has been on the terrorist list since 1997, when President Bill Clinton put it there in an attempt to improve relations with Iran.

Rendell — and others across the political spectrum (even Howard Dean) — has argued that the MEK should be removed from that list because it shares a common enemy with the United States.  Apparently, people in the Obama administration do not agree…

…the administration has taken a nonchalant approach to what may be the fate of the people in the camp in Iraq who had been protected by United States forces.  Iraq has been making very friendly overtures to Iran in the last few months as America has wound down its forces.  Will these people — who have proven so helpful against the regime — be murdered while the Obama team looks on?…

Read the entire article at the American Thinker.

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