Obama's woman in Tehran: Jarret in secret talks?

One of US president’s senior advisors is secretly making efforts to establish line of communication with Iran

Alex Fishman
Ynet News

A Chicago lawyer is the key player behind the secret talks between the US and Iran. Yedioth Ahronoth reported Monday. A close friend of Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett is assisting the US government communicate behind the scenes with the representatives of Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Jarret, who was born in the Iranian city of Shiraz, is a senior advisor to US President Barack Obama.

Last month, The New York Times reported that the US government is engaged in secret talks with Iran aimed at establishing a direct line of communication once the US presidential elections are over…

…Israel was originally surprised to learn of the talks, but state officials now reveal that they were going on for several months. The talks, they claim, were initiated and led by Jarret, and took place in Bahrain…

The complete article is at Ynet News.

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Update: UN: Iran Not Cooperating on Nuclear Weapons Probe

The U.N. nuclear chief said Monday that Iran is not cooperating with an investigation into suspected secret work on nuclear weapons.

Yukio Amano told the U.N. General Assembly that talks between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran have intensified this year after an IAEA report in November 2011 said it had “credible information that Iran had carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device,” he said…

…”…we cannot conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities,” he said…

Update 2: Breaking: Obama Administration Hid Secret Meetings With Iran From Israel

Update 3: Jarrett’s Secret Iran Talks Raise Questions About Obama’s Intentions


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