#OccupyChicago Occupies City Hall: ‘Revolution Will Require Collapsing the American Government’

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On Tuesday, militant, Marxist, anti-war, and gay-rights activists–including some suspected of providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations–led the Occupy Chicago protesters into City Hall to stage an “in your face” protest directed at Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

We caught up with one protester, Roger Fraser, a retired Palatine, Illinois school teacher. Fraser is a proud member of the “99%” who earns a modest $7,792.75 a month from his pension.

Fraser is also known as a militant gay rights activist and a member of the Gay Liberation Network–the same organization founded by Chicago G-8 and NATO protest organizer–and militant, anti-war, social-justice radical–Andy Thayer.

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Update “Recovering from amoebic dysentery will be part of your education.” a video by Bill Whittle.

“These kids are upset because the $100,000  of debt they took on to get a degree in bitterness studies isn’t paying off with a six figure job and a car and full benefits at an organic farm collective.”

Also, The thermal images that prove 90% of tents in the Occupy camp in London are left EMPTY overnight

‘The time has come for the protesters to leave,’ says the Bishop of London

At PJMedia, Zombie has several “Occupy” articles, beginning with Is Occupy Oakland as Bad as They Say? , a photo essay of the strange, the sick, and the sickening:
…Remember Lovelle Mixon, the serial rapist, child molester and murderer who single-handedly committed one of the worst mass killings of police officers in American history? Yeah, that guy. Well, the anti-police sentiment at Occupy Oakland is so intense that they regard Lovelle Mixon as a hero!! Whatever other crimes he may have committed, if he offed some pigs, then all is forgiven. Fuck the Po-lice! Power to the people!…

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Update 2The Man Behind the “When Should You Shoot a Cop” Pamphlet at “Occupy Phoenix”

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