Parents upset by sex test at a D. C. middle school

CAJ note: Portions of this article may offend some readers.

Also, note the comments section after Beth Solomon’s article in which those writers who were educated in the 1980s and 90s feel the survey questions are “no big deal.” That should give you a better idea of how long educators in America have been working at this. Glenn Beck has begun telling his audiences that “what one generation tolerates, the next will embrace.” We offer this article and comments as one example.

Parents upset by “sex test” at Hardy Middle School

Beth Solomon
The Georgetown Dish

When she picked up her 12-year-old son at Hardy Middle School last Tuesday afternoon, “Susan” knew something was wrong. Her son looked “disturbed,” his father said later. Susan asked her son what had happened at school. A test had been given in a health/physical education class filled with 7th-grade boys and girls.

One classmate called it a “sex test.”

“What is your gender?” was the first question. The choice of answers:

a) Male
b) Female
c) Transgender (M to F)
d) Transgender (F to M)

The 12-year-old was slightly bewildered. He noticed other children seemed confused.

The questions became more graphic:

“How sure are you that you….

…Can name all four body fluids that can transmit HIV.
…Know the difference between oral, vaginal, and anal sex.
…Can correctly put a condom on yourself or your partner.
…Will avoid getting yourself or your partner pregnant if you have sex.
…Can convince a reluctant partner to use barrier protection (i.e. condoms, dental dams) during sex.”

The 12-year-old, even more confused, asked an instructor about some of the terms. “What is this? I don’t know what this is,” he told the facilitator. Children ventured guesses as the instructor — brought in on a DCPS contract — started to define “anal sex” and “oral sex.”…

Read the rest–and the comments–at The Georgetown Dish.

H/T Patriots for America/Constitutional Emergency

Once again we urge parents to get directly involved with your child’s education, or lose them forever to this kind of statism.

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