Paul Ryan: We can definitely repeal at least 85% of Obamacare via reconciliation

The Right Scoop

Paul Ryan was on with Mark Levin tonight to discuss how Obamacare would be repealed, and the budgetary process called reconciliation is the game plan. The nice thing about reconciliation is that it cannot be filibustered, but the down side is it only applies to legislation that has a fiscal impact. That’s why Ryan says that we can definitely repeal 85% of Obamacare because that percentage can easily be done via reconciliation. The remaining regulatory portion of Obamacare may still be included in the budget but that will be debated at the time. Even if it can’t be included Ryan says it would just be meaningless statute after the repeal of the rest of it.

But, he says, we must win the Senate or else we don’t stand a chance of repealing it with Harry Reid running the show.

Listen to the interview at The Right Scoop.

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