Persian Man Speaks Out Against the Terrors of Islam

Kevin DuJan

When I was in college, I took a Women in World History course where the book “Daughter of Persia” was assigned reading.  It was written by Sattereh Farman Farmaian and is sweeping in its scope, like an Iranian “Gone With the Wind”.  It’s a book I have wished for almost fifteen years would be made into a movie, so that people could see just how evil Islam is and how much damage the Islamic revolution did to the Persian people.

Iranians are not willing subjects of Islam: Persia was conquered by the Islamist Arabs and Islamists overthrew the Persian Shah and made slaves of the Persian people…the vast majority of whom are eager for the expulsion of the ayatollahs and the restoration of Persian culture.

Arabs have never created anything, but have only destroyed older cultures for centuries, like locusts descending upon all that is rich and lush and devouring it…

…There’s nothing peaceful or religious about Islam if a person can be murdered for simply being gay…and there’s nothing peaceful or religious about Islam for treating women like they are animals that need to be wrapped up in sheets and kept on invisible leashes trailing behind men like they are farm animals…

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In the UK Shiraz Maher was a moderate non believing secular Muslim but tells his story on how he became a terrorist before seeing the light and regained his non devout secular Muslim status. Shiraz was brought up secular in Britain yet he got hooked in by the terrorists; but now imagine if you are a young Muslim brought up and living in the Middle East. Muslim society are subjected to anti Western, anti Jewish thinking in the media as well as the indoctrination in the home and in the mosque. You can understand now why the Muslim Brotherhood has come to power as well as the sympathy for Al Qaida is prevalent.

People like Shiraz Maher and all the others like Walid Shoebat, Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer and several others who have left Islam or critique Islam are to be discredited as “frauds” “Islamaphobes,” and “purveyors of hate speech.” When you hear people called these names you can guarantee that they are telling the truth and the accusers are lying.

This documentary shown on the liberal BBC Panorama Program (similar to our 6o minutes) seems to be willing to expose more truth than any of our own media in the USA including Fox News which have all been either intimidated into Dhimmi submission by CAIR or bought off by Saudi Princes. The truth concerning Islam and the dangers and threats can only be found on web sites like ours and those of our colleagues who seek to educate about the true danger and evil we are up against.

Also, Iran: Ahmadinejad Wants Government-Approved Clothes For Women…

In the Islamic republic of Iran, the law requires women to cover their hair and bodies in public. But how to do so remains up to them, and the result is persistent confusion in the streets.

Though leading Shiite Muslim clerics advise women to wear chadors — the traditional head-to-toe cloak, usually black — Iran’s urban fashionistas increasingly prefer tight-fitting coats and scant head scarves.

Now, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is stepping into the dispute. He wants to settle it by promoting government-approved apparel for women, garments intended to introduce an array of clothes that are “Islamic and beautiful” at the same time…

“7th century justice alert”: Iran Says It’s Ready To Move Ahead With Stoning of Woman Convicted of Adultery…

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