Presence of Armed Citizen Prevented More Death Says Oklahoma County Sheriff

There might be two beheadings to report without the Second Amendment

Caleb Howe
Truth Revolt

Earlier today, police reported that two women were brutally attacked in Oklahoma City on Thursday at their workplace. One of those women died, her head severed from her body in the gruesome assault. The other woman survived, her attacker having been stopped by a citizen carrying a concealed handgun. Without the weapon, Traci Johnson might be laying in the morgue instead of recovering at the same hospital where her attacker is being treated today.

Mark Vaughan is the COO of Vaughan foods, the business where the attack took place. He is also a reserve Sheriff’s deputy and was carrying a concealed handgun on the premises at the time. Vaughan shot the assailant multiple times, severely injuring him and stopping him as he was in the process of stabbing his second victim.

Truth Revolt spoke with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department and confirmed that Vaughan has been a reserve officer with the department since 2010. Vaughan’s license to carry is part of his reserve commission. However, reserve deputies are not issued service weapons. The weapon used to save Traci Johnson’s life was a personal handgun, purchased an owned privately, and carried by employee of the company where the assault occurred…



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…Sgt. Jeremy Lewis of the Moore Police Department gave a short press statement saying “Initial investigation shows that Alton Nolen, who was an employee at Vaughan Foods was terminated and became angry,” “Nolen went to the parking lot, then drove his vehicle to the front of the business, where he hit another vehicle. Nolen then entered the main entrance into the front office. Nolen encountered Hufford with a knife. During the attack, Nolen severed the victims head.”…


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…In interviews with employees, several told police that Mr. Nolen had been trying to convert them to Islam before his termination, according to police statement issued on Friday


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“He went to work as a [COO] of the company and he left work that evening as a hero.”


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