Project Veritas detained while meeting former US Attorney Jim Letten


Project Veritas confronts former US Attorney Jim Letten at Tulane University, where he is now employed as a dean at the law school

Letten resigned in disgrace when his office was found attempting to manipulate open trials by disparaging the reputation of defendants on online public forums

There is reason to believe the US Department Of Justice pressured Letten’s office back in 2010 to prosecute O’Keefe. After the incident in Sen. Landrieu’s office, in which videographers sought to ascertain whether constituent phone calls were being answered, Letten recused from the case, only to pass it to associates within the office that even included Sen. Landreiu’s brother.

When confronted, Letten only came out of his office after contacting various members of law enforcement. He then proceeded to swear at our reporters, created fictional crimes, made false statements in front of police, and even committed a minor assault. He acted with complete impunity, as the police officers patiently waited in silence until the conclusion of his tirade, only to then detain our reporters under another fictional pretense.

Our videographers decided to take the message of “truth to power” to journalism outfits across the NYC metro area — asking them to accept a copy of Breakthrough and to participate in the practice of releasing full raw tapes with all of their investigations.

A special appearance is made by our great friend Gavin McIness, Fox News contributor and founder of Vice, who more than anyone understands the problems facing our lapdog media.

More on Jim Letten Resignation and Raw Footage from “Truth To Power” :


H/T  The Virginian …You can see what a kind of habits that exercising government power does to people. They apparently believe that they are a kind of noblity…

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