Quote of the day

Bob Parks
Canada Free Press

The mainstream media is awaiting some kind of dissolving of inner Team Obama. I think nothing of the sort is happening because stalled agenda items (thus poor polling numbers) are not the fault of the president or his advisers.

According to President Obama’s “closest aide” David Axelrod, everyone else is the problem.

In an interview in his office, Mr. Axelrod was often defiant, saying he did not give a “flying [expletive] about what the peanut gallery thinks” and did not live for the approval “of the political community.” He denounced the “rampant lack of responsibility” of people in Washington who refuse to solve problems, and cited the difficulty of trying to communicate through what he calls “the dirty filter” of a city suffused with the “every day is Election Day sort of mentality.”

Look who’s talking.

Read the source article at the New York Times.

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