Remember November


A dynamite little piece of expressionism from Haley Barbour and the Republican Governors Association, aimed at synthesizing the mood of angry grassroots would-be donors. The message is familiar, but between the HD, the F/X, and the editing, the production values are light years ahead of the usual DNC/RNC crap. If they’re looking to get attention, this’ll help.

I was tipped to this, incidentally, by Time magazine, which is pushing the angle that “Remember November” is a deliberate allusion to anti-government British terrorist Guy Fawkes. Which I guess qualifies this as some sort of “dog whistle” to the neo-McVeigh-ish wingnut base or whatever. Unless I missed something, though, there’s nothing in the vid itself nodding at Fawkes; the one and only supposed reference is the name of the website, and even that’s not quite right. The old rhyme about Fawkes is “remember, remember the fifth of November.” If I had to guess why the RGA chose the name they did, I’d inch out on the limb and conjecture that it’s because it rhymes, much like the phrase “We’ll remember in November” that the boss emeritus floated last week. But then, “it rhymes” is a much duller narrative than the GOP playing on “let’s blow up parliament” sentiment. I’d be interested in hearing Barbour’s thoughts on that. If he is purposely alluding to Fawkes, it’s both unwelcome and very politically stupid. Click [here] to watch.

Update: An RGA staffer tells the Daily Caller that the clip was made entirely in-house by younger staff members. Video software these days is an amazing thing, my friends.


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