Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Public option will reduce deficit

Radical Far Left Dem Jan Schakowsky Says Public Option Will Reduce Deficit

Jim Hoft

This crazy radical just will not stop…

Do you remember when Rep. Jan Schakowsky bragged that Obama’s nationalized health care plan would destroy the insurance industry?

Now this radical leftist is out telling supporters that the public option will reduce Obama’s record deficit.

Raw Story reported:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) said Saturday that serious deficit hawks ought to get behind a new “robust” public option bill that she and more than a hundred other members introduced days ago.

In an interview with Raw Story at the Netroots Nation conference, Schakowsky predicted that a new “focus on deficit reduction” and rising public distrust of the insurance industry would generate stronger support for it among members of Congress.

“We’ve seen the cost [savings], and we’ve seen the behavior of the insurance companies,” she said. “I think that really puts a new atmosphere on the prospects for a new public option.”

Sure it will, Jan.

Just like the original bill helped reduce the deficit.

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