Rewarded for breast-cancer lies

Phelim McAleer
The New York Post

Josh Fox: Stands by claims, against Susan G. Komen. Photo: Robert Kalfus

Breast cancer is uniquely frightening. Almost everyone knows someone who’s had it, and too many of us know someone it’s killed.

More than 40,000 Americans died of breast cancer last year alone — more than were killed in traffic accidents. Many of the dead are young mothers.

So what are we to think of someone who irresponsibly rings a false alarm about breast cancer — simply to serve his own agenda?

Imagine someone telling people that they are living in an area where the chances of developing breast cancer are shockingly high; picture the alarm and worry.

Then imagine if that same person had made up the story — yet was getting cheers from Hollywood stars for telling it.

Stop imagining: Filmmaker Josh Fox has done just that.

Fox uses his films, which he calls documentaries, to crusade against fracking — which is a well-tested way of getting oil and natural gas from deep beneath the ground that’s nonetheless become a target for environmental hysteria.

He was heavily criticized for inaccuracies in “Gasland” — such as telling viewers that fracking makes water flammable. (He recently admitted that he knew that parts of America have had flammable water for decades before fracking, but decided not to include this information because it was “not relevant.”)…

…But Fox’s latest film, “The Sky Is Pink,” sets a new low. It tells viewers that, even as US cancer rates are falling, breast cancer is rising in the Barnett area of Texas because of pollution caused by fracking…

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