Romney appoints qualified man as foreign spokesman

Who happens to be gay

B. Daniel Blatt
Gay Patriot

…As most of you have heard by now, Romney tapped [Richard] Grenell to be his campaign’s “national security and foreign policy spokesman”.  Grenell, as Roger Simon reminds us, is “openly gay.”  He appears to be well-qualified for the job, having been . . .

. . . a longtime spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. He was known by the press as a loyal, and combative, appointee to a series of ambassadors including John Bolton, to whom he remains close. He also fought a long, and unsuccessful battle for formal recognition of his partner in diplomatic documents.

His qualifications, however, haven’t prevented one extreme social conservative from losing his cool:

 ”Bryan Fischer, the director of issue analysis for the Tupelo, Miss.-based American Family Association called the appointment “a ‘message to the pro-family community’ of ‘drop dead.’”

Seems some extreme social conservatives oftentimes mimic leftists.  Once again, this was no such thing.  It was merely the appointment of a qualified man to an important campaign position…

FROM THE COMMENTS: Louise B offers a good case for pointing out that Mr. Grenell is gay: “To me, a social conservative, the only reason to point out a foreign policy man is homosexual is that it tells the Muslim countries to stop killing their citizens because they contribute to the society as a whole.”

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