Rudd’s out. Australia now has its first female Prime Minister

Julia Gillard is Australia’s new Prime Minister

Malcolm Farr, Alison Rehn, Steve Lewis and Simon Benson
The Daily Telegraph [AU]

AUSTRALIA’S first woman Prime Minister will be sworn in by the nation’s first female Governor-General after Julia Gillard was handed the Labor leadership by Kevin Rudd this morning.

Mr Rudd did not contest a ballot called after a rollercoaster 24 hours of shifting allegiances and a confrontation between him and Ms Gillard last night.

His unexpected surrender recognised the overwhelming numbers against him, and prevented a bloody showdown by allowing Ms Gillard to be elected unopposed.

Ms Gillard this morning walked into the Caucus room for a schedule ballot alongside Treasurer Wayne Swan, who was elected Deputy Prime Minister – a sign the Gillard Government wants to highlight its economic credentials.

She will be sworn in at Government House at 12.30pm. She will then face off with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for the first time in Question Time at 2pm.

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