Rush Limbaugh Interviews Sen. Jim DeMint on the News He Will Leave the Senate to Assume Leadership of the Heritage Foundation

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Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh today on his radio show where he interviewed Sen. Jim DeMint on the news that DeMint will leave the U.S. Senate to take leadership of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

One of the founders of the Heritage Foundation – Ed Feulner – was also on with Rush and announced DeMint as the new leader of the influential conservative foundation.



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“We’re leaving the Senate a lot better now than I found it. Now, I’m sitting next to Marco Rubio, and Pat Toomey, and Rand Paul, and Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson, and now Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake. All people I’ve gone out and work with Americans to elect.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano: DeMint Will Be Able To Bring Libertarians Back In The GOP

“Jim DeMint is a classic, traditional, Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan conservative Republican, none of this George Bush compassionate conservative mealy-mouth stuff. He really believes that the states have a role in government, that the individual is greater than the state, that the government should shrink.

“He’s now the most powerful Republican in town. He has an extraordinary megaphone. This is not inside the beltway story. This is a Jim DeMint is the leader of the conservative Republicans in the country story. And they could haven’t a nicer, more true to core values, or more articulate spokesman than they have as of today. Ask me if I’m happy.”

Update: DeMint Takes Shot at Boehner on Limbaugh Show


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