S. E. Cupp: The Government’s Just Not That Into You

S. E. Cupp
AOL News

Unconditional love is a lot harder than it looks. Brothers and sisters can be morons, parents can be buffoons, spouses can be louses and kids can be brats. But we try, every day, to love people just as they are.

Patriotism is a form of unconditional love, too. I may get really ticked off at the state of our nation, but my love for America is unwavering. I think most of us are like this, so I’m generally loath to question another person’s patriotism — just because you don’t believe what I do doesn’t mean you love this country any less.

But recently, I’ve felt that my unconditional love of country isn’t being reciprocated.

Maybe America’s just not that into me.

How else can you explain the near-constant nanny-state efforts by government to push, prod and clean up my act?

Every day, he tells me to drink less, drive a greener car, stop wearing fur, start eating organic and quit doing a host of other awesome-but-terrible-for-me things because I’m just not good enough the way I am. Nor am I smart enough to realize that he knows what’s best for me…

…Sure, my government couches it all in the language of love — I’ll feel better and it will save me money — but in the end, what he’s really saying is, “I love you, you’re perfect, now change.”

But in the America that I know and unconditionally love, I should be allowed to be as moronic, stupid and unhealthy as I want, as long as the only idiot I’m hurting is myself. But that worldview is probably yet another thing my government doesn’t like about me…

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