San Joaquin Water Crisis


Here we go again.

I was watching Sean Hannity tonight (9/17/2009), and have been following loosely the situation in the San Joaquin Valley of California with their water crisis over the small Delta Smelt minnow and its endangered species listing.

The Farmers have water rights to that water. There is no legal water rights for that water for a minnow over the farmers. There is only a manufactured judicial legal decision by liberal judges based on junk science and the whims of administrators and bureaucrats that create these incidents based on the Endangered Species Act and a rabid environmental policy.

This is an illegal “taking”, and IMHO it is unconstitutional on its face. And it simply cannot stand.

This sounds more and more like what happened in the Klamath Basin Water Crisis to farmers of Oregon and northern California in 2001. At that time, the magical fish was the sucker fish…and every farmer in that basin knew that the sucker fish was not endangered and that they did not need a “full” lake to survive. It was junk science being used to push an anti-American environmental agenda then…plain and simple…and it is the same today.

Here is my suggestion to the Farmers and their allies in the San Joaquin Valley.

You have the numbers…many more people actively engaged in the fight than we had in Klamath. In Klamath, there were many meetings with politicians…followed by meetings with “officials” of government agencies. In the end, the result was the same…the water stayed off.

It was not until a few farmers and their allies took control of the headgates and turned the water back on that things began to happen. In that case, only a dozen farmers and their allies were at the gates the next morning when 50-70 armed law enforcement officers came and took the head gates back and again turned off the water.

If we had had 1000 farmers and their allies there that morning, they would not have been able to do so…

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