Section 4 of Voting Rights Act Found Unconstitutional

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Here is the ruling.

This proves how racist Republicans are, because they don’t want to impose 50 year old standards on States, and some counties, based on actions that took place 50 years ago. Gasp! Heaven forbid current standards should address current problems, and apply to States equally. The Dems were warned by the Court in 2009 that they were on thin ice, yet chose to do nothing about it.

Section 4 is essentially the standards and metrics, which triggers enforcement under Section 5.

Melissa Perry Harris at MSNBC is worried her citizenship will be taken away. Chris Hayes is physically angry. The leftist grievance industry will be in full blown OUTRAGE today.


Related: Justice Ginsburg says the “equal sovereignty” principle “is capable of much mischief” and brainstorms ideas for vexatious litigation.

In her dissenting opinion in Shelby County v. Holder (PDF), she frets about all the federal laws that treat states differently from each other and could be subjected to attacks based on the majority’s “fundamental principle of equal sovereignty” among the states…


What did the Supreme Court find unconstitutional about the much-honored landmark legislation, the Voting Rights Act of 1965?

…This is a case about Congress’s enumerated powers. It’s not about Congress violating rights, but the scope of its power under the 15th Amendment to enforce the right guaranteed by that amendment (the right against race discrimination in voting). This is a power to be used against state and local government, so the scope of that power implicates federalism doctrine, including the “fundamental principle of equal sovereignty” among the states…


Update: From Freedom’s Lighthouse:



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