Senator Rand Paul and the Patriot Act

Listen to Rand Paul’s Passionate Speech Against the Patriot Act

Jonathon M. Seidl
The Blaze

…“23 votes against the extension of the Patriot Act are much better than zero or one,” he added. “I don’t think it came easy, I’m kind of worn out. But I consider it to be a great success that we got to debate it.”

The “constitutional principles” and “debate” came during a speech from Paul on the floor of the Senate explaining his concern for the act. He invoked everything from Thomas Jefferson to even gold and guns, and made the case that the bill is “emotional” and nearly impossible to stand up to. Listen to a montage of his remarks below:

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Related: “Dirty Harry” Moves To Shut Out Pro-Gun Rand Paul Amendment

Remember the sleazy tactics used by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to pass ObamaCare? The secret meetings? The refusal to let the American people see the language? The “amendment tree” used to block Republicans from offering amendments on the floor? The use of a House-passed bill as a vehicle to circumvent Senate procedures?

Well, all of that sleaziness is back in connection with efforts to extend three anti-gun provisions of post-9/11 legislation.

In order to circumvent Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s pro-gun amendment to the bill, Reid has now scuttled the Senate version of the 9/11 extension, tacked everything onto a motion to concur with a House-passed small business bill, and employed a procedure to lock out ALL Republican amendments, including Paul’s pro-gun amendment…

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