So, not an Oath Keeper, then?

Army Lt. Colonel Pens Piece For Esquire Vowing To “Pry Your Gun From Your Cold, Dead Fingers,” Shut Down Manufacturers Unless They Make Guns For The Government, 400% Tax On Ammo…


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Weasel Zippers

Also calls for a ban on all firearms except muskets, rifles and shotguns.

Via Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, Esquire Magazine:

People, it is time to talk about guns.

My entire adult life has been dedicated to the deliberate management of violence. There are no two ways around that fact. My job, at the end of the day, is about killing. I orchestrate violence.

I am not proud of that fact. Indeed, I am often torn-up by the realization that not only is this my job, but that I am really good at my job. But my profession is about directed violence on behalf of the nation. What is happening inside our country is random and disgusting, and living here in England I am at a complete loss as to how to explain this at all. In 2011 the number of gun deaths in the United States was 10.3 per 100,000 citizens. In 2010 that statistic in the UK was 0.25. And do not even try to tell me that the British are not as inclined to violence or that their culture is so different from ours that this difference makes sense. I can say nothing when my British officers ask me about these things, because it is the law. […]

Guns are tools. I use these tools in my job. But like all tools one must be trained and educated in their use. Weapons are there for the “well regulated militia.” Their use, therefore, must be in defense of the nation. Shooting and killing somebody because they were not “upset enough” over the loss of a college football team should not be possible in our great nation. Which is why I am adding the following “Gun Plank” to the Bateman-Pierce platform. Here are some suggestions…


Read the whole thing at Weasel Zippers.



Here are some suggestions from all of us at CAJ to Mr. Bateman who’s clearly been drinking too much warm lager: Molon Labe, big fella.


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…we are at “war with al Qaeda,” when it is convenient to be at war with them. When it is convenient to be allies with al Qaeda, we will do that too…


Read the whole thing.

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