Stern Leaving Amid Turmoil

Powerful Union Head’s Expected Exit Comes as the SEIU Faces Money Strains

Kris Maher, Melanie Trottman, Brody Mullins
Wall Street Journal

Andy Stern’s anticipated resignation as the powerful and controversial head of the Service Employees International Union, often praised as the fastest growing union in the U.S., comes amid increasing financial strains and costly legal battles with other unions.

Mr. Stern, one of the most influential figures in Washington, is expected to announce his resignation Thursday, following a meeting with SEIU’s 75-member board, according to people familiar with the matter.

Michelle Ringuette, an SEIU spokeswoman, said Mr. Stern, who turns 60 in November, wasn’t available to comment ahead of his announcement. She declined to comment on why Mr. Stern is leaving.

Under Mr. Stern, the SEIU has become the nation’s most successful union in terms of new members and first contracts. Mixing strong armed tactics, lawsuits and careful analysis, SEIU teams, for example, were dispatched to uncover embarrassing company practices, such as production in third-world countries with poor human-rights records. Mr. Stern usually stayed in the background, while underlings made companies miserable enough to negotiate. Then he would call CEOs, suggesting they talk. Even adversaries remarked on his abilities.

The departure of Mr. Stern, a close ally to President Barack Obama and a major force in Democratic politics, also has far-reaching political implications.

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