Stubborn Fact: Public Employees Paid More Than Private Workers in 41 States

Jonathon M. Seidl
The Blaze

As pro-union protesters erupt across the country, USA Today just released analysis that may cause a backlash against public unions. The findings? In 41 states, public employees “earn higher average pay and benefits” than private workers in each respective state.

The paper reports:

The analysis of government data found that public employees’ compensation has grown faster than the earnings of private workers since 2000. Primary cause: the rising value of benefits.

Wisconsin is typical. State, city and school district workers earned an average of $50,774 in wages and benefits in 2009, about $1,800 more than in the private sector. The state ranked 33rd in public employee compensation among the states and Washington, D.C. It had ranked 20th in 2000…

…It makes the video we posted earlier, of pro-union protesters screaming “They say cut back we say fight back!”, even more baffling…

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