Students for Government-Subsidized Degeneracy

Van Helsing

…Moonbat college students proclaim that they have sex; therefore your money should be diverted by the government to the highly profitable abortion mill Planned Parenthood. As always with liberal productions, the language isn’t pretty.

If they’re going to make the argument that the amount of your money Big Government spends exterminating inconvenient children is insignificant because refraining from stealing another $2.5 billion from oil companies costs The State $2.5 billion, why not say that refraining from stealing $2.5 trillion costs $2.5 trillion? After all, this is the Age of Obama; $billions are chump change when it comes to other people’s money.

The video is at Moonbattery.

At CAJ, we’re not for corporate welfare or entitlements, either. We also believe that if you’re old enough to make adult choices about sex, then you’re old enough to figure out that taxpayer condoms aren’t an entitlement. Besides, why do we need Planned Parenthood now that ObamaCare is law?

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