Tale of the tapes

William A. Jacobson
Legal Insurrection

Obama attended an anti-Israel conference with Rashid Khalidi.  The L.A. Times will not release the video.

Obama was caught on an open mic calling federal employees ”slugs.”  CBS News will not release the tape.

Obama was caught on an open mic promising the Russians to be more flexible if re-elected, and CBS describes the controversy as mere “presidential politics.”

An audio surfaced of Obama talking about how he loooooves redistribution, and Andrea Mitchell will not play it.

We caught Mother Jones putting forward an edited snippet of a Romney answer without disclosing that 1-2 minutes were missing, including part of the very answer which caused the controversy, and the media yawned.

Just more tales of the tapes related yesterday by Rush Limbaugh, who had a particularly astute observation here

The audio of Rush’s comments is at Legal Insurrection.

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Paul Ryan: “Mitt Romney and I Don’t want to Redistribute the Wealth. We want to Help Americans Create Wealth!” – Video 9/19/20

Mitt Romney: I Will take America on a “Different Course” by Getting the Economy Growing, which Will Help “100%” of Americans – Video 9/19/12

Palestinians Don’t Want Peace with Israel and Mitt Romney was Correct to Say So

…Is there anything wrong with saying that a skunk stinks or that rabid dogs can’t be trusted?  Hardly.  Those are true statements that people ignore at their own peril.  Telling the truth about the continuing saga that is unfolding in the Middle East is in our best interest because we are being called upon to foot the bill for Palestinian maliciousness and foolishness.  We are pouring our tax dollars down a rat’s hole, and with our mounting debt and deficit problems we can’t afford to continue throwing our money away haphazardly.

Mitt Romney said what a president should say.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, simply spouts out words with no meaning — something that he has earned a reputation for doing.  His mantra in 2008 is a perfect example of this: hope and change.  Obama’s administration has given us neither, and his campaign theme in 2012 is “Forward” which in reality means “Backward”.  Words should have meaning.  Romney knows that and Obama doesn’t.

Palestinians Rip Romney For Saying They Are Committed To The Destruction Of Israel: “Complete Ignorance Of Facts”…

The PLO’s envoy to the US on Tuesday said presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s videotaped comments about the Palestinians showed a “complete ignorance” of the facts…

Media to Romney: Stop Telling the Truth!

Congressionally censured tax cheat tells Romney ‘Americans pay their taxes, unlike you.’  Chutzpah, thy name is Charlie Rangel.

Joy Behar: Mitt Romney is ‘kind of scared of us.’

Dave Letterman: ‘I don’t hate Mitt’

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